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three actors sat around table in colourful theatre setting



I offer a range of different choices when it comes to photographing your show, allowing us to tailor everything to your needs.

two actors in a theatre play on stage, one is comforting the other



Ideally, being given access to the dress rehearsal is the ideal option for capturing the most interesting and diverse images. I try not to be too invasive during the process, never using flash and moving around the theatre as quietly as I can.


Should access to the dress rehearsal be unavailable, or time not be on your side, I offer a Photocall service. These can be booked in for whenever suits you, and can be a quick shoot if necessary. 

This usually involves the director choosing a scene/scenes which the actors run through while I photograph. It can be a good way of creating a quick selection of images of your show. Photocalls can also be in the form of Earlies or character portraits, and are great for use on flyers and posters. 

portrait photo of two actors against a black background


Photographs of the rehearsal process are ideal for early promotion, and are often found alongside the production images in theatre programmes. 

I always aim to capture a range of images during the rehearsal session, providing them in both colour and black and white if desired.

a pianist turnin the pages of his music for a musical theatre rehersal
a group of three actors and a director in the rehearsal room for a musical theatre show
two child actors in the rehearsal room sharing a funny moment
a theatre producer sits making notes in a black theatre space


If you'd like to discuss your requirements, or have any questions for me, please do get in touch and we can put together a package that suits your needs.



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